“What if we are made out of stars?” He whispered.

I looked up in the night sky and think, the residue of scattered stars in the galaxy. They bind together and creates the chemistry of life, it connects us together like a constellation, biologically, and to the universe atomically. Perhaps, we are part of the universe. 

Perhaps, the universe is within us, that’s why we never think we are small, thus we are big, the universe is big and every atom in our body are remnants of a star. Iron in our blood, Nitrogen in our DNA, Calcium in our bones, and Carbon in our soul that represents who we are. We have stuffs in us as old as the universe humming with different verse.

Perhaps we are stardust dressed with people’s name.
In a path of catastrophe we crumble, collapse and deteriorate, but this is our fate.
Because in order for a star to be born, a nebula must collapse, shattered in cracks.
So collapse, crumble… this is not our destruction.

“This is our birth.” I answered.

By: Soleil
©® n.t


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