“Let God”


“Let God”
(Math Inspired)

God’s love is INFINITE,
It has no ending neither a LIMIT,

He is an ADDITION to the life we’re living now,
He is the answer to our every questions that we don’t know how,

He will always SUBTRACT our pain when we can no longer handle it properly,
Whenever we feel lost, He will lead us to the way correctly,

He is the MAJOR provider on what we need, not just what we want,
He knows what we can do and what we can’t,

His connection towards us has no TERMINAL SIDE,
He is everywhere, in our heart is where He reside,

We lied to Him, doubted His words, took Him for granted,
But He still chose forgiveness over hatred,

Sometimes, we only remember Him when we need something,
But we’re too lazy to prove that we’re worthy to be called His special being,

But God is really good, He never DIVIDED His love towards us unequally,
Instead He MULTIPLIED His blessings rightly,

We must let God be the CENTER of our Life and Heart.
Let Him be the one to guide us, we will serve as His masterpiece, as His Art,

Seeking Him isn’t like finding for X,
Finding the solution in every question in MATHEMATICS,

He wants us to find HIM with sincerity,
With all our heart, seek Him in prayers and live out His gospel,
For the Love of God is Eternity.

Words by: Andrian Adong
Artwork by: Ron Talavera


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