” TRAP ” 

39245777_161178634764547_4304016972481298432_n.jpg” TRAP ”
By:Athena Francheska

I put make up on my face.

I put my red lipstick on my pale lips.

I wear my backless clothe.

I wear my skirt above the knee.

And for the last part I wear my high heeled shoes.

And now I’m ready to go.

Showing the real me.

Co’z only at night I can show my real identity.

I, m a girl, trap in a man’s body.

I can’t show the real me at day.

Co’z they are all criticized me.

Saying I am a sinner.

That God didn’t create a human like me.

Is doing what I want, doing what makes me happy and showing the real me.

Is that already a sin?

But what can I do?

I’m just a girl trap in the body that I don’t want.

My heart tells me, this is who really I am.

A gay….

A girl who is trap in a man’s body.



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