– Maria Pilar 🌹

Does anybody see my tears?
Does anybody feel my pain?
Does anybody hear me cry?
Nobody. There’s no one for me.
Friends? Family? Acquaintances?
Yes, I have them
But no one even bothers to ask me how I feel,
How’s my day,
No one asks me if I’m okay.
I’ve got more tears than laughter.
Between joy and pain, pain is greater.
Maybe If I’ll be gone, that would be much better.
I just want to sleep. Sleep forever.
Isn’t it a weird thing?
There’s no water, but I’m drowning.
I feel cold, but there’s no wind.
There’s oxygen, but I can’t breath.
Maybe I can’t breath is because the darkness is swallowing me whole.
Help me! Take me away from here!
I am scared of the dark!
Maybe I feel cold is because of my dead heart.
What is happening?
I am numb.
I can’t feel anything.
Yes, I have a dead heart but I’m still alive
Yes I’m alive, but barely breathing.
Fighting is harder than just dying.
Run self, run!
Run for your life!
And run from your life!
I barely get through each day.
Darkness, do you really want me dead, hey?!?
Maybe it’s the reason why you keep on chasing me.
Is that it?
Well if it really is, I’ll just quit fighting.
I’ll do what you want me to.
I’ll be sleeping forever.
I think it’s for the best!
At last!
Thank you for this permanent rest!

The artwork is from Pinterest 💜


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