I’m your child – A WOMAN


I’m your child – A WOMAN

She woke up as he was playing with her nipples
Awake and shocked, but he still giggles
“Don’t tell your mom, or the project won’t continue”
Fatigue, day and night. There’s nothing new.

Afraid. Whenever their eyes would met.
Depressed. Thinking about her death.
Whenever they cross paths became her phobia.
Cry. But her mom would say, it’s just an another drama.

STOP! Is the only word she can say,
To escape, what could be the way?
Imagining drowning in the sea,
Suffocated, asking for a plea.

“He broke something important for me!
Mom, why don’t you let him say his apology?”
“No! Because we still need him!
Lower your pride, it’s just nothing!”

As her mom run for this guy,
The maiden was asking why,
Whenever she express her pain,
She will still be blame.

Mom, I’m tired of this routine,
We don’t actually need him.
We are not that poor to depend on someone,
You didn’t know how he ruined me, as a woman.

– Gayla Elin 🌈

Portrait: Ann Elin


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