“Have you ever?”

“Have you ever?”

Have you ever been silently in love?
With someone you can never have?
So close you can touch his hand
Yet, so far to feel his heart.

Have you ever lived in a pretense?
Quietly loving without any condition?
A feeling of love that’s unknown
Hiding it, not knowing for how long.

Have you ever fallen so deeply?
Loving a person unconditionally?
Too afraid to say what you feel,
Acting normal, keeping it still.

Have you ever been hurt unintentionally?
But smiled, pretended to be happy,
Deep inside was pain and suffering,
But outside you’re happy and laughing.

Why does holding his hand feels so right?
Your heart smiles everytime he’s in sight,
Hearing his voice completes your day,
Hoping to hug him tight maybe someday.

Have you ever loved someone,
But knew they didn’t care?
Have you ever felt like crying,
But knew you’d get no where?

Have you ever looked into his eyes,
And said a little sweet prayer?
Have you ever looked into his heart,
And wished you were there?

Have you ever felt his heartbeat,
When the light turned down low?
Have you ever whispered, “Damn. I love you”,
But you never let me show?

Love is precious, yet it hurts so much.
The price you pay is high.
If I could choose between love and death,
I’d rather choose to die.

So don’t fall in love, my friend
It doesn’t pay a dime.
It only costs broken hearts,
Yet it happens all the time.

So don’t fall in love, my friend
You’ll hurt before it’s through.
I tend to know, my friend
I fell in love with you.

Words and Photo by yours truly.


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