“The Boy Who Would’ve Lived On Another Century”


“The Boy Who Would’ve Lived On Another Century”

A young man with an old soul;
Thought on another era, he really belongs.
And who would’ve thought that he was wrong?
He’s a classic man;
His own paradigm to flaunt.

He possessed the elegance of a fine gentleman
From 30’s or maybe from the era of Victorians.
Speaking the language of sophistication and cleverness;
Hearing his accent— his choice of words; would surely send you to heaven.

And O! If this good lad
Would see someone who needs some help,
Without any hesitation he’d give a hand.
Taking nothing in return.
Nothing to demand.

He loved painting as well as poetry.
He could see things that many couldn’t see.
And some nights he’d ask himself if he was crazy
Cause many had said love to him but didn’t feel any.
Not with anybody.

That is why he had decided,
To find himself on another century.
Uncertain if he could really go back in time,
Where he really belongs with a knife on his right hand
And on his left, a couple of dimes to put on his eyes.

Written by: Jack Blackbird
Artwork by: Johnny Depp (Self-portrait, Hanging Upside down)


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