Take time to fix yourself.

Finding someone to replace your ex won’t replace the absence he has left. 

To tell you frankly, you can smile wider and laugh harder with someone but the happiness you have with him won’t be equal to what someone can give you.

You are just hurting yourself in the process, worse you are implicating the pain to others.

Rebounds will not deflect the memories, it will only reflect back to you.

Double kill.

That is why there are so many heartbreakers today because they were once been used as Band-aids when the wounds were much deeper.

You can cover bullet holes with adhesive strips but it won’t help stop the internal bleeding.

You still have to clean it with acceptance, and dress it with moving on until the wounds heal itself.

And only you, alone, can fix it.

—Sant Bibliophile 🌻

Artwork by Caro Martini


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