“Education System”


“Education System”

Medals, throphies, awards or certificates,
You need these if you want to be appreciate,
Do you want to be a teacher’s pet?
Then be at the top to be the favorite.

Raising hand and always recite,
You need these in order to get their sight,
Do your best to be one of the top,
Never let your grades to drop.

Yes, this is how toxic is the system,
Education is a killing machine,
Once you failed you are an idiot,
Stop chasing your dream to be a pilot.

They will never appreciate your effort,
No matter how you make it worth,
All they see are those above,
And they will underestimate the IQ you have.

Perfect your score in statistics,
Memorize everything in economics,
You are at 21st generation,
where every student is a minion.

Want to know why there’s so many drop-out?
Because they forgot what education is all about,
They will put on you so much pressure,
And sad fact it might kill your future.

Its shocking how a student written at dean’s list,
Have many cuts in their wrist,
Like the supposedly cum laude Clyde,
Choose to commit suicide.

Pass all the projects and perfect all the test,
In order to get the medal of the highest,
Embrace the new system of education,
Where education is a competetion.




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