Psssst! Who? 


Psssst! Who?
By Christian Sensei

Psssst! Who is that?

Look at your back,
Is there someone else inside your shack?
Wait there is something,
Check under your bed there really is something moving,

Is your closet closed again?
But why is it now open?
Psssst! Who is it?
Go ahead and look at your feet!

Are you alone?
I can smell something like a rotting bone,
It comes from your closet,
Where you hide your old cassette,

Why is your light flickering?
I thought that it is functioning,
Is that a shadow?
Why does it seem to grow?

Your bed is becoming cold,
Now that your blanket have rolled,
Is it moving?
Why is your bed shaking?

Is it a knock?
It’s midnight, the knocks are heavy like a bumping rock,
It’s becoming louder,
Close your ears and don’t wonder,

Someone is coming closer,
It’s moving faster,
Don’t look for you will be shocked,
Your sight will be locked.

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