“Photograph” (Prose poetry)


“Photograph” (Prose poetry)

//His POV.
Once I bought my first camera, from the sales man in Florida. He aimed the camera on the picturesque clouds
away from the aggravating crowds, one tap at the button and an entrancing photo was taken.
He taught me how this camera works, he said “With this, you can capture everything that is unreachable” the sales man smiled
“the clouds, the stars and the moon” I was totally amazed with its perks.

I hold my camera and focus it on the clouds.
Soft and thin enough to let the lights through.
Perhaps, that’s why my camera focuses on you for your soft skin glows with hue or it was your inner beauty that lits your eyes and softened your feature that lies.

I hold the camera in to my face and capture the stars.

The clicking of your heels added rhythm to the Classical guitars, you scanned the place and smiled when your eyes met mine, the curves of your lips are well define, oh so divine, it was like the stars themselves decided to rest behind those soft cushion of your lips.

Click! Flash!
Click and snap taking a picture of my moon capturing every imperfections and how the sea shows its cryptic reflections on how you unveils the beauty in the dark.

You walk slowly.
I shoot again, seizing every moment wholly.
It’s funny how memories work, I’ve captured you in different dresses and styles.
Then moving to another angle, focusing in every curve of your smiles.

For so long you are the only one I see
For so long you are the perfect subject for me.

Adjusting my camera to take the one last shot
it kills me a lot that’s why I’m mess.
It kills me a lot to capture you in that wedding dress, yet you are still the focus in a pellucid form, while the rest are all blurred like a storm through my broken camera lens.

Looking at the photograph of a groom and a bride, my feelings… they never did subside, I smiled bitterly as I’ve realized that the sales man’s words were true, With this camera I can capture everything that is unreachable; the clouds, the stars, the moon and you.


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