“My Rose”


“My Rose”

You need someone who will see the beauty of your petals instead of the danger from your thorns.

Despite your withered petals and those full bloomed flowers around you, you are the one who will stand out in his eyes.

That someone who will not shove your butterflies because he can see that they are part of you, that they aided you to be who you are.

Someone who won’t pluck you out of the garden. Someone who will water and take care of you, for it pleases him to watch you grow.

Don’t be frightened when he finally takes you out of your garden, you are full grown then, and he will replant you in his heart so you can grow together.

You deserve that someone who will proudly walk around town, holding your thorns while flaunting your elegant petals.

You deserve someone who knows that you deserve to be loved.

Photography: Vincent Fatima Ordillo


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