If ever you feel alone, weak, and insecure today.

If ever you feel alone, weak, and insecure today.
Remember that you are genuinely unique. They cannot afford to imitate you. It takes a thousand stars to crash, dinosaurs to extinct, hundreds of ice ages, millions of civilizations to fall, chemical reactions, atomic fusions, DNA replications of which there is only 1 in a billion chance to even be able to copy half of your composition.
From over 250 million competitors, you won the race to exist. 
There are 37.2 trillion cells that make up your body, and each one is doing their specific functions to make you survive.
And wait, all those stars that you see? All those planets, all those moons — they are just a peck to you.
There are between 100 billion and 200 billion galaxies in the universe, but they still cannot encompass you.
Even the highest peak of estimate for galaxies (200 billion) and the abyss estimate for human cells (1 trillion), 800 billion more cells are over that scores of number of galaxies in your body in the known universe.
So, now tell me that you are weak, tell me that you are small, tell me that you are insecure.
You are far greater that you think you are — you are YOUniverse!
—Sant Bibliophile 🌻
Artwork by Shikhar Gaur


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