In my family,
I’m always the burden,the black sheep,the unappreciated and the unwanted.I don’t know where to fit myself? My whole existence overshadowed by my past failures and past mistakes.
I walk bare-footed on the splinters while carrying all the heavy pressures.I couldn’t help myself on how to gain my self-esteem back. I’d become impotent and was defeated by my devil inside to let it throne the whole my life. Until my soul became tired and wish this words,
“Let’s end this,all of this mess,please!”
Please,give me my bed where I can sleep peacefully and comfortably. Please,let me feel your best amenity so I can feel the love that you couldn’t fulfill when I’m still alive. Please,sing me the best lullaby for I want to sleep forever and never want to wake up again.
Goodbye,I need to rest !
Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.


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