❝A Pluviophile’s Murmur❞

❝A Pluviophile’s

a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.]

Dark heavy clouds,
Pouring tears you can’t count,
Yet anguish and distress never prevail,
Rather ease to my very pain.
And to my innocent delicacy trail,
It’s a soothing serenade I don’t wanna curtail.

Raindrop. Raindrop. Coming from the yonder.
Pleasing. Pleasing. I delve for this and I’ll never forsake.
Its noise as it spreads the patent ground,
There’s harmony vanishing the lavish agony inside,
Falling drips. I whim of them being always around,
As it mends and pushes my fears through its amiable sound.

My twain orbs finally found their abode,
Along my utter whole upon hearing the rain’s voice,
A perfect melody I’ve heard among,
Solace enfolding my razed soul,
Through the rain’s visage and song,
I’ll cherish this spectacle and I will endlessly long.

Artwork by: P.V
[photo not mine. ctto.]


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