“ s t a r – c r o s s e d ”

Sitting under the midnight sky,
I heard the birds sang our sweet lullaby.
Looking up, I saw two comets collide. 
A perfect disaster, even heavens couldn’t hide.

I met you at the sunrise,
There was collision of galaxies inside your eyes.
You stayed with me until sunset,
And yet, just like the stars, you are something I can’t reach or even get.

But inside the black hole, darkness was a curse
I was lost in the vastness of the universe
I kept on searching for the northern lights
Just for a moment, I want you to take away my frights.

But our distance is billions of light years away
That’s why I wish, hope, and pray.
That someday.. maybe someday..
Our stars will find its way.

We’re one of the most beautiful example of a star-crossed lovers.
Sad to say we will never be given a chance to see each other once more.


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