For once again I will let
‎the darkness and loneliness
‎embrace my fragile heart
‎the sorrows that kept
‎on knocking at my door—
‎I’ll willingly let them in
‎All the pain buried within
‎my sorrowful soul—I’ll wallow
‎I always will wear
‎the anxiousness
‎and tattoo all the self-doubts
‎on every inch of my skin
‎I’ll let all the agony—
‎drag me into the mere oblivion
‎and I will drown myself
‎into the sea—of my self-inflicted
‎I’d be lost, in the galaxy where
‎void souls wander
‎I will remain into this place—
‎isolating myself,
‎drifting into the world
‎of nothingness
‎People may wonder why I like
‎doing everything just to hurt
‎my answer would always be
‎because I’d rather ruin myself
‎before anyone else does
‎vague it may be yet
‎letting the pain and misery
‎destroy every part of me
‎is the easiest way of being
‎saved from this chaotic world
‎of sufferings and throes
Oh to be true,
“I’ll kill myself again in order to
‎protect my heart from being broken.”

Artwork by: Harumi Hironaka


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