– a person who loves the moon.

❝A Selenophile’s

There upon the eventide,
Darkness shroud the welkin of nights.
The lustrous moon beaming endlessly,
This scene is tantalizing,
I can’t fathom out the glee
By just merely staring at this scenery.

Circle glow. Circle glow. I can’t take my eyes off you.
It’s console. It’s console. Your light has given without your notice.
Drowning to the serene utopia,
It’s as though your tableau’s a fortress,
As I am dreaming schemes called fantasia,
For you took off my direful melancholia.

My dearest moon, you’re more than a phenomena,
Your outline tickles my fragile heart,
Shove out my grief and wrath, you are indeed a shoulder,
For you are all I can lean as I silently scream my misery,
You are robuster than a soldier
And your portrait’s one I’ll always dear.

Artwork by: P.V
[photo not mine. ctto]


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