Forgot but not forgotten



I already forgot my brewed coffee

That I ordered awhile ago

In this not so familiar cafe

As I watch the pouring rain

Falling endlessly on the sidewalk

I forgot my brewed coffee 

As I forgot the fermented memories

That I’m trying to hide from

Memories that tend become just a memories

And nothing more

Oh God, I’m glad that I already forgot them

I already forgot the midnight talks

That took for about whole midnight

I already forgot the midnight chitchats before we go to sleep

The way you share how you end your typical day 

I already forgot the midnight lullabies

That we used to listen together

Under the sea of stars 

Me lying on your arms 

And you kissing my forehead

I already forgot the morning sun

Waking up in the same room

With you on my side

I already forgot how I appreciate the beauty of sunlight

When it refracts on your face

The way you smile as we watched the rising of the sun together

I already forgot the afternoon inside the library

When you read to me your favorite poem

The way I lost my mind, Everytime you flipped the pages and suddenly turn to me with your smile that can lit the whole place

The way you read every word of the poem

The way I kiss your lips passionately

The way you hold my hand 

The way you kiss my forehead

I already forgot them

I already forgot the night when you told me it was over, that you don’t love me anymore

The night that I cursed all of the stars

The night that you let go of my hand

The night that I beg for a second chance, asking for one more chance

Asking myself why ? 

The night when I walked alone, leaving no traces behind, searching for the answer to my question

The night that I already forgot

I already forgot our favorite song

I already forgot your favorite color

I already forgot our favorite place

I already forgot your name

And the saddest part is














-Forgot but not forgotten-



Photo by: uyesuran


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