A Final Song



– Gloomy N.

Her: I am no longer the little girl you used to sing to.

I’m more of a woman now from where I have been to.

I cannot dance anymore for your silly tune, 

Make a mess and call me a loon.

Him: You aren’t the only one who’s all grown up. 

Yet, here I am, acting like a child in a play of dress-up— *gestures at his clothes*

Her: What an idiot! Can’t you see? 

I’m finally happy as I could be. 

Please, dear Poet. Leave me alone. 

I’d like to venture forth to the unknown.

Him: Then live with me—-

Her: And be thy love? *expectantly*

Him: No. You already are. *blushes*

Though let me sing a song to you once more before I depart. 

I’m missing you and I’ll be missing you still…

This hollow ache in my heart shall never fade and will always will.

Her: Then sing to me a final song. 

I haven’t had an all night long. *sadly*

Him: *starts to sing*,

There was a girl

Who I truly loved. 

She had a smile like rainbows.

It made me laugh, 

It made me cry, 

It made me gushing out strange vows.

Yet life was hard, 

And life is strange. 

I was a fool, much more deranged.

I lost her once, 

I lost her twice, 

I’ll lose her now like rainbows.

Her: *turns away*

I may have lost my voice and the will to write, 

But lady please hear me out. 

I may not be that other guy

But please let me be your lullaby!!!

Her: *walks away from him into the streets filled with people. She stops. Looks behind her but was disappointed to see her only friend disappearing into the shadows.*


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